Growing Up at Last

Growing up is so many things. It’s scary, exciting, nerve wrecking, fun, and yet the worst thing all at the same time. You learn how to actually call the doctor to set up your own appointments instead of your mom doing it for you. You learn how to actually pay for gas instead of just charging it on your dad’s account. (If you don’t have that privilege, I apologize). You learn what it’s like to be poor and hungry, which then leads to being very hangry because you’re mad that you can’t afford to eat. You learn that the real world isn’t all sunshine and rainbows like you’d hoped it would be. And you learn what real boredom is. You don’t know bored until you’re living by yourself.

So why I am I writing about growing up? Because this summer I made the brave decision to move 5 hours away from my home in the very Northwest part of Iowa all the way over to Eastern Iowa, an hour away from the Illinois border. I moved over here for a wonderful opportunity to intern at a wedding venue, hoping to learn all about the wedding industry and to figure out what I really wanted to be when I grow up. And with only two weeks left over here, I’ve decided to reflect on my summer and how much growing up I’ve really done. Here’s a list of the growing up that I’ve had to do and the things that have taught me a lot about the real world:

  1. Moving to a place where I’ve never really been other than to visit my brother, who doesn’t even live here anymore, or drive through on my way out of the state.
  2. Living with basically complete strangers. I live in the basement of a family whom my parents have known for years but I had no idea who they were. The only part that hasn’t made me grown up is that I’m not paying rent because they are wonderful people who are letting me live here for FREE.
  3. The family is always gone because they are always busy, which is fine. BUT, I’ve learned how to cook for myself and actually make meals instead of eating cereal for every meal.
  4. And cooking for myself means actually grocery shopping for real food, other than chips and queso and frozen pizza.
  5. And since the family is always gone, I’m home alone a lot, which means the boredom is REAL. Sadly, I don’t work every day so I do have quite a few days off. Those days usually consist of a lot of Netflix, completing my online class, and reading. Occasionally I’ll make my way to the city to hang out with my ONE and ONLY friend over in this part of Iowa. 😦 JK no need to feel bad for me!
  6. I’ve been learning how to budget my money since I’m paying for gas once a week and buying groceries every once in a while. Also, I need to treat myself too, which probably isn’t always something I can afford. LOL you only live once right??
  7. I’m getting better at doing my own laundry! WOO!
  8. I have a gym membership! If that’s not a grown up thing to get then idk what is!
  9. I had to deal with my computer crashing right after I moved here, so I had to find the BestBuy store and navigate through an unfamiliar town. Luckily, my warranty was still good for 4 more days! Got a new one for free!
  10. I have had to kill MANY spiders. And if you know me, you know that I HATE spiders more than most things in the world. For me, that’s growing up.

These are just some of the things that I’ve had to do and have learned a lot through doing. This summer has been a huge learning experience for me I’ve done a lot of growing up in the last 2 months. But the thing I’m most proud of is that I put myself out there and was able to actually get in touch with my feelings. Now, I am not the kind of person to share how I’m feeling or to even confront someone on how I’m feeling. I HATE opening up and it’s really hard for me to do. I usually brush off how I’m feeling by saying that “I’m fine” until I start believing it. But I’ve gone through some interesting circumstances/situations this summer that have really caused me to think and actually figure those feelings out. And I was able to confront them in person. And I’m really proud of myself that I did. Almost 21 years later I was finally able to talk about how I was feeling in person. That right there is, I believe, the most grown up thing I could have done and I’m so glad I did because it was exactly what I’ve been needing to do for a long time to finally put my life in the right direction.

Sorry if the ending was a little to personal but it’s something that really helped me realize how grown up I am becoming. With that being said, I look forward to my last 2 weeks over in Easter Iowa and I can’t wait for my last year at Northwestern! And in my last year, I have decided to be an Orientation Staff leader and a collegiate cheerleader! Here’s to growing up!

Also, please enjoy some pictures from my summer!


Got to meet Building 4:29


Got to meet Danny Gokey!


Celebrated my “sister” Shelbi’s big day!!


Celebrated the 4th of July with one of my besties, Carissa!

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Enjoyed the Des Moines Farmer’s Market with Becca and Emily 🙂


Sat in awe of how BEAUTIFUL Eastern Iowa is and how amazing God is.

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