2017: A Year in Review

2017 wasn’t a bad year. It actually was a really good year. It was a year of growth in more ways that one and it was a year full of opportunities and trying new things. So in this short blog, I’m just going to recap what 2017 was full of in my life.

  1. Grew closer with my group of friends, and even gained a new one
  2. Had a Valentine’s party with those friend with some amazing food
  3. Applied and accepted an internship at a wedding venue in Cedar Rapids
  4. Participated in RUSH and got to dress up as a creepy doll
  5. Went on a service trip through Northwestern to Opelousas, Louisiana and worked with Hope for Opelousas in scraping and painting their new house
  6. Participated in NCDC
  7. Went golfing with Noah
  8. Tried out for the NWC Cheer team and MADE IT
  9. Enjoyed cheering on my favorite football players at the spring game
  10. Saw Jesse McCartney in concert! LIFE GOAL COMPLETE
  11. Said goodbye to two of my best friends as they transferred colleges — I cried a lot
  12. Moved to Cedar Rapids for the summer to work as a lifeguard and intern at Ashton Hill Farm
  13. Met Danny Gokey and Building 4:29
  14. Sang at Shelbi Conover’s wedding
  15. Attended Steph and Samantha’s weddings, two of my good friends
  16. Finished up at my internship after working 6+ events and weddings
  17. Took Jillian to see Shawn Mendes and Charlie Puth in concert
  18. Went to the Omaha Zoo
  19. Celebrated my Grandpa Larry’s 80th birthday with the entire Heemstra clan
  20. Started my last year at Northwestern as a part of the Orientation Staff
  21. Attended my childhood best friend, Ashley’s wedding
  22. Cheered on the Raiders as a part of the NWC Football cheer team
  23. Participated in Airband and WON
  24. Started competitive cheerleading
  25. Lost a good friend to a tragic car accident
  26. Participated in the dodge-ball tournament
  27. Cheered on the Raider basketball team from the stands, even got free shirts from Coach Korver
  28. Attended winter formal with my group and had an awesome time!
  29. Turned 21!!
  30. Went to the Minnesota Vikings vs. Bengals game!
  31. Celebrated the birth of Jesus with my families
  32. Rang in the new year with some of my good friends from High School

2017, like mentioned was good to me and I’m excited for all the new opportunities that I get to look forward to in 2018!

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